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My Story

My name is Dave Burnsworth and I have had a passion for photography all my life. With the recent technological advancements in aerial drone photography I have been able to capture stunning images and video from perspectives never before available to me. My goal is to bring this artistic passion to projects and to help my clients discover unique perspectives available only using this technology. Let me know what I can do to help you bring your next event, property or project to life!


Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Today's real estate investors and home buyers are "digital shoppers." According to market statistics, more than 90% of home buyers have searched online for their new home and nearly 30% have used their mobile phones to conduct these searches. The need for high quality images and video is an essential component to selling real estate. Drive more business to your property or business using the latest technology. While "location, location, location" may still be important...in today's competitive market, presentation is essential!


We can provide aerial images and video of any project. These images can be used to help survey your property, track progress of ongoing construction to help companies with establishing timelines and to update their clients on progress.


Using specialized software, I can provide companies with images and data to keep track of inventory. Utilizing photogrammetry these volumetric measurements are easily shared with others and can be stored to track progress over time.


Today's precision Agriculture demands technological solutions. Using aerial photographs, growers can monitor the health of their crops, survey fields before planting and keep an eye on conditions like plant stress, lack of nitrogen, and drought. I can provide detailed maps of your property and can fly the same missions and update these maps over a period of time giving you data that informs your decisions in order to maximize your output.

Special Events

Let me help you to either promote an upcoming event or preserve memories in high resolution 12 MP photographs or stunning 4K video. Let me help you bring your ideas to life and preserve memories for a lifetime from a unique perspective!




Oneonta, NY 13820, USA




Oneonta, NY 13820, USA



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